A Night On Broadway
7:00 PM19:00

A Night On Broadway

Vanessa Tunggal, Chloe Toh and Dorothy Averina present:

A Night On Broadway

Friday, 10th of Feb 2017 7pm

@america, Pacific Place Mall, Level 3    

Featuring younger students of Sylvia Wiryadi; Verena Varren, Grace Victoria, Laurien Sadeli, Angela Wangsadjaja

Band: Ellen Renata, Reynaldo Saut and Irfan Laoki    

We will be performing best of Broadway ranging from The Sound of Music to Matilda! It's gonna be fun, hope to see you guys there <3 #ANightOnBroadwayJKT

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Nona Manise, A Collaboration Concert
3:00 PM15:00

Nona Manise, A Collaboration Concert

Live streaming (click here)

Nona Manise; A collaboration concert performing east Indonesian folk musics

Sunday, 18th of December, 3pm (GMT+7)

Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Level 8


Prelude Nona Manise, arr. Dionisius Clyde, Chinese Ensemble instrumentation by Angeline Juliana (Full Team)

·       Nona Manis Siapa Yang Punya, Waktu Hujan Sore-Sore, Burung Kakaktua, Potong Bebek Angsa, Naik-Naik Ke Puncak Gunung

Selections from Senandung Tanah airku, arr. Prof. Gilbert de Greeve (Vanessa Tunggal & Joella Lumoindong)

·       Ampar-Ampar Pisang

·       Si Patokaan

·       Anak Kambing Saya

·       Cik-Cik Periok

·       Tondok Kadadingku

Violin Medley, arr. Ricardo Djajakesukma (Mellody Arben, accompanied by Vanessa Tunggal/ Joella Lumoindong)

·       O Inani Keke

·       Desaku

Maluku Medley. Arr. Ellen Renata (Drei Tochter)

·       Rasa Sayange

·       Ayo Mama

·       Buka Pintu

Gunung Salahutu, arr. Vanessa Tunggal (Verena Varren, accompanied by Vanessa Tunggal)

Papua Medley, arr. Dionisius Clyde, Chinese Ensemble instrumentation by Angeline Juliana (Full Team)

·       Sajojo, Apuse, Yamko Rambe Yamko



Joella Viana Lumoindong (b.  1995) started her piano lesson when she was 6 and is currently studying in University of Birmingham UK to achieve BMus (Hons) degree, taking composition as her major, and solo performance (piano and harpsichord) as her minor. She is awarded with excellence scholarship during her studies in University of Birmingham. Studying the piano under Cinzia Scafetta and Christine Whiffen for harpsichord, she has also been actively involved in various concerts during her time at the university, performing for piano, harpsichord, and voice. She is currently a co-manager of the University of Birmingham Gamelan Ensemble and student principal conductor of SCN Angklung Ensemble and Chorus Birmingham.

Vanessa Tunggal (b.  1995) is a third year Classical Piano Performance student at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music where she is a student of Glenn Riddle (Piano) and Markiyan Melnychenko (Violin), She is also a voice student of Felicity Baldock. Her past teachers include Yulia Yahya (Piano), Dr. Pinkcheer Tamio (Piano), Nathania Karina (Piano), Prima Muchlisin (Violin) and Sylvia Wiryadi (Voice). During her first semester of university, she music directed the University of Melbourne Music Theatre Association’s Broadway production, Thoroughly Modern Millie. She also worked as a music director and songwriter of musical comedy by Indonesian Students Association in Melbourne, Budaye Kite. She is currently working as a music director of Artiumnation 2017, an Indonesian cultural showcase. Vanessa sings in Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus and St. Francis Choir. Moreover, she has won piano eisteddfods, Musikalisasi Puisi competitions, and performed with TRUST Orchestra as violinist. Her past projects include A Musical Afternoon with Vanessa Tunggal (2013)Summer Soiree (2015)All That Classy Jazz (2016) and UP! Piano Recital (2016).

Mellody Arben (b.  1995)  has been playing the violin since she was 7, and decided to dedicate her life for Classical Music. Under the guidance of Bathara Krisna, she has joined international competitions and festivals. She got the 2nd prize in Clavaliers Violin Competition and performed in Malaysian Youth Music Festival 2011 in Grade 8 Classical Performance category. She plays in Classical and non-Classical orchestras including Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra and Concordia Orchestra, where she is a concertmaster, Camerata Indonesia and Kotaseni Suropati Orchestra. She is also a teaching staff of Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia and has a certification from Asian Region Suzuki Organization (ARSO), Taiwan.

Drei Tochter Chinese Trio means three young ladies. Ellen Renata (b.  1996) - Gu Zheng studies Gu Zheng with Angeline Juliana. She started to play the piano when she was five and passed her grade 8 piano ABRSM exam with merit in 2014. Her former teachers were Yulia Yahya, Irsa Destiwi, Slamet Sentosa, Dr. Pinkcheer Tamio and Alvin Wirianata. Ellen is currently a second year composition student in Institut Musik Indonesia or School of Creative Arts, tutored by Glen Dauna and Willy Haryadi. Ellen has performed in various venues as soloist, keyboardist and accompanist. She won Lomba Cipta Lagu Kategori Video Klip (2013), Gracia Open Music Festival (2012) and joined Trust Orchestra as violinist since 2014. Elaine Novieany (b. 1993) - Di Zi  learns the Flute under the guidance of Tamara Nilia (2009), Harry Winanto (2012) and Suparno (2015) She started to learn Di Zi in 2013 with Harry Winanto and Priyanto Chang. She has been playing Flute in TRUST Orchestra since 2014. Erica Gavrila (b. 2000) - Er Hu started to learn the Violin with Erie (2005) and Michael Dharmawan (2008) She started the Er Hu in 2013. Erica plays Violin in TRUST Orchestra and Indonesia Youth Concert Orchestra.

Verena Varren (b. 2005) is currently a student of Sylvia Wiryadi (Voice), Karina Novelia (Piano), Maria Trihanungki (Violin) and Candice Sabarman (Flute). She has performed in concerts including A Musical Afternoon with Vanessa Tunggal (2013)Summer Soiree (2015)Citylight Church Christmas Event (2015), Festival Film Indonesia (2015)All That Classy Jazz (2016) and UP! Piano Recital (2016)Faces of Love (2016)7th Harmony Orchestra Concert (2016),  The Legends 4 (2016)Rumah Anyo Charity Concert (2016), Gracia Music Festival (2012, 2012, 2014)Universitas Pelita Harapan Musicaphoria; Performer's Recital 2 (2016), Indonesia Orchestra and Ensemble Festival (2016), Orchestronic (2016), Betapa Cinta, Nyanyian Puisi Jodhi (2016), and Marlupi Dance Academy annual productions (2010-present).


Thanks to: Almighty God, Parents, Verena Varren, Dionisius Clyde, Prof. Gilbert de Greeve, Ricardo Djajakesukma, Angeline Juliana, Eugenius Evan, Bahana Gaung, Irfan Laoki, Michelle Febriani and Sasha Arben.

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