IMEC 2018/Vanessa Tunggal

Indonesia Music Education Conference 2018 

'It's Not Only About Playing The Instruments!': Music education from a millenial's point of view


Apps to try:

Note Trainer

Piano Tutor



Books to read:

Piano Lessons by Anna Goldsworthy

Give Me Excess of It by Richard Gill

Robert Schumann’s Advice to Young Musicians, revisited by Steven Isserlis


Videos to watch:

TEDxCanberra- Anita Collins: What If Every Child Had Access To Music Education From Birth?


TEDxSydney- Richard Gill: The Value of Music Education


TED@Sydney- Richard Gill: The Essential Role of Music in Education


The Importance of A Music Education



Piano Repertoires resources to check:

Supersonic Piano by Daniel McFarlane

Impressions On Color by Kevin Olson

Sonatina In Colors by Kevin Olson

Splash of Colors by Dennis Alexander

Rock Preludes by Christopher Norton

Microjazz Collections by Christopher Norton

Jazz, Tags and Blues by Martha Mier

Composers: William Gillock, Percy Grainger, Carl Vine